Our digital solution has excellent reporting and real-time insights.

Shaping the future of car repair

Embrace a new era in vehicle repairs.

Our tech-driven platform simplifies the repair journey, empowering you with real-time insights for confident decision-making and optimising your vehicle's repair.

Fixico SA — where innovation meets vehicle repair management. Our advanced digital platform links businesses and individuals to a network of certified repair experts, revolutionising the repair process like never before.

Navigating car repairs can be a hassle for both businesses and individuals. We're here to ease the pain of obtaining quotes, ensuring top-notch quality workmanship, and minimising hidden costs. Fixico's efficient online assessment tool assesses the extent of the damage, providing multiple accurate quotes. Our platform streamlines the process, estimating repair costs and cycle times and authorising your quote digitally.

Our solutions cater to a diverse audience. Whether you're a corporate leader, a fleet manager, a vehicle rental business, an insurer, or a vehicle manufacturer, Fixico will seamlessly connect you to the repairer best suited to fulfil your unique needs.

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Manage your repairs on a single, customisable platform

Repair journey

An end-to-end, effortless repair experience for you and your customers.

Smart matching

Using AI technology, we match the right repair to the right repairer.

Real-time insights

Data-driven decision making at your fingertips.