A single platform to manage all of your repairs

Shaping the future of car repair

Say goodbye to the days of lengthy waits, cumbersome processes, and unexpected costs. Fixico SA provides a state-of-the-art digital platform designed to revolutionise how you manage vehicle repairs in today's fast-paced, tech-driven world.

Unmatched efficiency in the digital age

In an era defined by speed and precision, Fixico SA's platform stands as a beacon of innovation. Our digital solution offers real-time insights and full transparency, putting you in complete control of your repair journey. No more unnecessary delays or uncertainties – just swift, streamlined processes.

How Fixico SA works for you:

  1. Snap and submit: Capture photos of your damaged vehicle and submit them through our platform.

  2. Tech-powered evaluation: Our advanced algorithms create a comprehensive damage report, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

  3. Choose your repairer: Select from our network of certified repair experts or opt for your preferred repair network.

  4. Real-time tracking: Monitor the progress of your repair in real time, thanks to our user-friendly dashboard.

Beating inflation, one repair at a time

Inflation hits hard, especially when it comes to motor costs. With Fixico SA, you're not just managing repairs; you're taking control of your budget. Experience a reduction in waiting time, inconvenience, and ancillary costs. Our platform is your shield against rising expenses, ensuring you get the best value for every repair.

The power of digital management

Fixico SA empowers fleet managers and individual drivers with a centralised, digital environment. Submit damage reports, schedule repairs, and track progress seamlessly. Our platform brings efficiency to the forefront, making every step of the repair process a breeze.

Tailored solutions for every business

From corporate leaders to fleet managers and vehicle rental businesses, Fixico SA's platform is engineered to suit your distinct requirements. It's more than just a platform; it's a personalised solution crafted to simplify your operations and drive efficiency.

Ready to take control of your repairs in the digital age? Book a demo today and experience the future of vehicle repair management with Fixico SA.

Design the platform to fit your needs

  • Does your business involve drivers? Give them a user-friendly web-app for the entire repair journey.

  • Don’t have drivers, but want to communicate with all other stakeholders in a single environment? Leverage our comprehensive communication centre.

  • Want to keep working with your preferred repairers? Simply onboard them and allocate repairs directly through Fixico.

Contact us today to design your ideal solution.