Elevate your OEM vehicle repair network with Fixico SA

Shaping the future of car repair

As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the dynamic South African automotive market, you understand the critical importance of brand protection and maintaining and a credible body repair network. Ensuring standards and processes are maintained and adhered to within a diverse independent repair network can be challenging for OEM’s. Fixico SA offers solutions designed to streamline and enhance OEM repair management program, providing useful insights into aftersales specific to autobody repairs and parts.

Maintaining OEM standards in vehicle repair

OEM’s can enhance the overall customer experience for vehicle repairs and also ensure that OEM standards are being applied by an accredited OEM repair network. Utilisation of OEM parts, repair methods and repairability can be measured via the Fixico platform, providing valuable damage repair insights to OEM’s.

Brand protection

OEM’s can ensure that the customer journey and experience for vehicle body repairs is customised and strictly managed in accordance with OEM processes. Customers will also feel more aligned and protected by having their OEM guiding their experience and process of having their vehicle repaired. OEM’s can own their customer experience throughout the driver journey and build brand loyalty.

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