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Why join the Fixico repairer network?

We're more than just a digital platform. We're a community of skilled repair professionals dedicated to excellence and innovation. Joining our repairer network opens doors to a world of opportunities and benefits:

  • Expand your reach: Gain access to a diverse pool of potential clients, from businesses to individuals seeking your expertise.

  • Optimise workshop capacity: Receive a consistent flow of repair requests that help you make the most of your workshop's capabilities.

  • Boost your reputation: partnering with us showcases your commitment to quality and technology-driven solutions.

  • Stay ahead in the industry: Embrace the future of repairs with a network that's at the forefront of innovation.

How to apply:

Submit your application:

Fill out our straightforward online application form. Tell us about your expertise, certifications, and the types of repairs you specialise in.

Quality assessment:

Our team will review your application and assess your qualifications. We're looking for certified repair professionals who share our commitment to excellence

Welcome to the network:

Once approved, you'll become an integral part of the Fixico Repairer Network. Enjoy the benefits of a tech-driven platform that  gives you access to a wide range of clients and increased revenue.