Optimise fleet management with Fixico SA

Shaping the future of car repair

Running a fleet is no small feat. Efficiently managing a fleet of vehicles while ensuring quick and cost-effective repairs for various vehicle types can be a challenge. Minimising downtime and maintaining optimal fleet utilisation are critical to your success. That's where Fixico SA comes to your fleet's aid.

We understand the unique challenges faced by fleet managers like you. Our platform offers tailored solutions to streamline your operations and keep your vehicles in top condition.

Efficient repairs, minimal downtime

Minimising downtime is essential in fleet management. Every moment a vehicle is off the road is a moment of potential revenue lost. With Fixico SA, you can say goodbye to long repair waiting times. Our platform ensures a seamless digital process with access to a network of certified repairers.

Cost control and transparent pricing

Cost control is crucial in fleet management. Hidden expenses can quickly throw your budget off course. That's why Fixico SA provides multiple quotes and eliminates hidden costs. We empower you with transparent pricing, helping you keep your costs in check and your budget balanced.

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