Optimise your vehicle rental operations with Fixico SA

Shaping the future of car repair

Managing a vehicle rental business comes with its unique set of challenges. From constant vehicle usage to the need for quick turnarounds, it's a demanding endeavour. That's where Fixico SA steps in, offering tailored solutions to make your vehicle rental operations more efficient and cost-effective.

Swift repairs, happy customers

In the world of vehicle rental management, time is precious. Every moment a vehicle is off the road represents potential revenue loss. With Fixico SA, you can ensure rapid authorizations and access to a network of certified repairers. This means faster turnaround times, ensuring your customers stay satisfied and your rental fleet stays in high demand.

Cost control and transparent pricing

Managing vehicle rental expenses can be challenging. Unexpected costs can erode your profits. Fixico SA simplifies your budgeting. We provide multiple quotes and eliminate hidden expenses, giving you clear and transparent pricing. This way, you can better control your costs and maintain a healthy bottom line.

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